Wyze Cam UK Alternative – Best CCTV Systems 2019

Wyze Cam UK Alternatives

The Wyze Cam is a great, entry-level budget Wi-Fi Camera. It does need to be plugged into power it up but connects wirelessly to the internet. However there are many Wyze Cam Uk alternatives out there which are strong competitors to the Wyze Cam. We have put together a review on the competitors out there which will help you make a decision on which WiFi Camera is right for your home or business. We have noticed that recently the Wyze Cam has been unavailable on Amazon. If you are struggling to order one from Amazon you can order from here instead.  

1. Wyze Cam Uk Alternative – YI Home Security Camera Amazon

The YI Home came available from Amazon is a serious contender for the Wyze Cam. Equipped with a 111 wide-angle lens, The YI Home Cam has a 111 wide-angle lens which allows you to extend the area of coverage to enable a clear view of specific areas and objects. All you have to do is double click to activate a 4 x digital zoom. You can initiate a 2-way conversation with a simple tap on your mobile phone. The high-quality microphone allows a clean, crisp and loud sound allowing you to have a conversation with family and friends remotely.
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